Japanese Spitz Price in Nepal - Dog/Puppy Details

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Japanese Spitz

Know Japanese Spitz Dog More

Can cope with extreme temperatures
High tendency to bark
Can be used as a watch dog
Fearless and Smart
Kids Friendly
Can’t tolerate being alone for long
Can adapt in small living areas

Japanese Spitz Price in Nepal – Dog/Puppy Details


In this blog you will know the Japanese Spitz price in Nepal, India, and USA in 2023 with its temperament, suitable temperature, characteristics/behavior, Japanese Spitz puppy pros, and cons, if this dog is a good fit or not for you and where you can buy pure or original breed Japanese Spitz puppies.

Japanese spitz price in Nepal differs with gender & puppy breed quality. Let’s see some important info about this dog/puppy before talking about the price. First see it’s temperament, suitable climate/temperature and characteristics.

Talking about the temperament of a Japanese spitz dog, it is very loyal, smart, and playful. This cute little dog looks like a little comedian in your family. It can be very friendly with family & kids but has a high tendency to bark towards unknowns or strangers, so this dog can be also used perfectly as a watchdog. Japanese spitz is easy to train and this is an energetic dog who loves to play but can be adjusted in a small living space which makes this dog a perfect candidate for those living in apartments. But always remember that this dog doesn’t like to be left alone for a long period of time, doing so can make them anxious.

The pure Japanese spitz breed is available only in white color. This dog looks similar to American Eskimo & Pomeranian dogs. This dog is a very healthy dog and requires less maintenance cost, less bath, and have fairly low grooming needs. This dog is also great for new dog owners with less knowledge and experience of keeping a dog.

Japanese Spitz Dog or Puppy Price in Nepal

Japanese Spitz can cost you around Rs. 5000 for a female pup and Rs. 7000 for a male pup. This price may be different according to the breed purity and places.

Frequently asked questions about Japanese Spitz

Is Nepal’s climate is suitable for Japanese spitz?

Yes, they can live in extreme temperatures that can be hot or cold because of their insulated double layer fur.

What is the Japanese Spitz cost in Nepal?

Japanese Spitz Price in Nepal costs around Rs. 5000 for a Female puppy and Rs. 7000 for a Male puppy. Always remember to buy from a verified and trusted sellers.

Where i can buy Japanese Spitz in Nepal?

You will find Japanese Spitz nearly in all pet shops, hamrobazar website & other online pet shop in Nepal.

Is there any Japanese Spitz with brown color?

No, Pure Japanese Spitz is only available in white color. If you are looking for a similar kind of dog with brown color you can see Pomeranian dog.

How hard is to train a Japanese Spitz?

It’s very easy to train a Japanese Spitz as they are intelligent dogs that has ability to learn quickly.

Japanese Spitz Dog Details

Dog Name Japanese Spitz
Breed Group Companion Dogs
Temperament Playful, Smart, and Loyal
Suitable Temperature Any Temperature
AKC Breed Popularity N/A
Height 10 to 16 inches
Weight 4.5KG to 11KG
Life Expectancy 12-16 Years
Color White
Price in Nepal Rs.5000 (F) to 7000 (M) (approximately)
Price in India INR.4000 (approximately)
Price in USA $200 (approximately)

Thank you for reading till this end, we hope this helped you knowing details about Japanese Spitz, it's price in Nepal & making buying decisions. We really recommend to adopt a dog rather than buying, but choice is all yours. For any kinds of enquiries or questions, please contact us.

Please remember, you can always find the same breed puppy to adopt or buy even in Nepal from the person who already owns it. Try to find someone, willing to sell or give them for adoption rather than buying from a shop. This will help to reduce puppy mills & you will take a step to stop animal cruelty done for making puppies to sell. 
If you need to buy a dog puppy anyway, never ever buy a puppy from a puppy mill, pet store, or irresponsible breeder.  Look for a reputable breeder who tests breeding dogs to make sure they’re healthy and free of genetic diseases so that puppies have sound temperaments and good health.

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