Labrador Price in Nepal, india and usa - Labrador Retriever Puppy/Dog Details

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Labrador Retriever

Know Labrador Retriever Dog More

America’s most popular dog breed
High physical strength and energy level
Can’t tolerate being alone
Can live in a wide range of temperatures
Can’t tolerate extreme temperatures
Needs high-quality dog food
Very friendly with kids, other pets & strangers
Needs lots of exercise and training

Labrador Price in Nepal – Labrador Retriever Puppy/Dog Details


In this blog you will know the Labrador Retriever price in Nepal, India, and USA in 2023 with its temperament, suitable temperature, characteristics/behavior, Labrador Retriever puppy pros, and cons, if this dog is a good fit or not for you and where you can buy pure or original breed Labrador Retriever puppies.

Labrador is an energetic, friendly, active, and outgoing dog perfect for those who are looking for large size dogs. Labrador breed is the most popular breed in America and in other countries as well. They are extremely intelligent dog famous for their friendliness and politeness. They can make the bond with the whole family and very friendly and social even with other pets and strangers. Labrador is an active dog that requires a lot of exercise and training to keep it physically and mentally healthy. If you live in apartments with less space, it’s hard to adapt a lab dog there. They are very easy to train and learn things quickly. You can’t keep a lap dog/puppy alone for long because it can’t tolerate being alone. The suitable (idle) temperature for a labrador is around 15 to 25 degrees celsius. You should train a baby labrador as soon as you get it and raise it with good manners. Labradors are available in 3 different colors, Chocolate, Black, and Yellow.

Price in Nepal, India & USA

In Nepal, a labrador puppy can cost you around 25 thousand Nepalese rupees, which may vary according to the breed purity, gender & color. In India, it may cost you around 15,000 INR and in USA a labrador retriever can costs you around 500$. Make sure you purchase from the best, trusted, and verified sellers to get healthy labrador puppies. You should also calculate its other costs before buying it because it needs very high-quality and the best food to be in a healthy state.

You can buy a Labrador dog puppy from different pet stores and also in online portals like pet store nepal, hamrobazar, etc. Sometime you may find a labrador puppy in sale in some online pet stores.

Labrador Retriever Dog Details

Dog Name Labrador Retriever
Breed Group Sporting Dogs
Temperament Friendly, Active, Outgoing
Suitable Temperature Moderate (15-25 degrees celsius)
AKC Breed Popularity Ranks 1 of 197
Height 21 to 24 inches
Weight 24 to 36 Kilograms
Life Expectancy 10-12 years
Color Chocolate, Black, and Yellow
Price in Nepal Rs.25,000 (approximately)
Price in India INR.15,000 (approximately)
Price in USA $500 (approximately)

Thank you for reading till this end, we hope this helped you knowing details about Labrador Retriever, it's price in Nepal & making buying decisions. We really recommend to adopt a dog rather than buying, but choice is all yours. For any kinds of enquiries or questions, please contact us.

Please remember, you can always find the same breed puppy to adopt or buy even in Nepal from the person who already owns it. Try to find someone, willing to sell or give them for adoption rather than buying from a shop. This will help to reduce puppy mills & you will take a step to stop animal cruelty done for making puppies to sell. 
If you need to buy a dog puppy anyway, never ever buy a puppy from a puppy mill, pet store, or irresponsible breeder.  Look for a reputable breeder who tests breeding dogs to make sure they’re healthy and free of genetic diseases so that puppies have sound temperaments and good health.

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