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dog food in nepal with price and buying link

Finding high-quality dog food in Nepal can be a challenging part for a novice dog owner. You need to find original dog food and feed them to prevent any kind of disease, food poisoning & to make your dog is getting proper nutrition as needed. You must consider buying food supplies while buying a dog. We don’t recommend buying a dog without doing proper research on the maintenance cost of the dog. Some dogs are costly to feed & maintain, but some dogs are okay with the food available at home. But why it is so important to find proper dog food even before buying a or looking at the dog/puppy price in Nepal? No, we are not saying that you must purchase packed dog foods from the market but if you don’t know how to prepare a proper diet for your dog it’s highly recommended that you should purchase dog foods for the breed you have. We have collected some dog food items to feed your puppy / dog.

Dog Food in Nepal with Price

Here is the list of the dog food names you can find in Nepal & buy with confidence. You can also find if the food is suitable for your dog by looking at the list of the dogs.

S.N.Food NamePrice in Nepal
(Estimated in NRS)
Suitable for
1.Purina Supercoat Puppy Chicken Dog FoodRs. 120For puppies
2. Drools Chicken and Egg Puppy Dog FoodRs. 240For puppies
3.Colorful Bisciuts For PuupyRs. 475For Puppies
4.Kennel Adult Dog Food PouchRs. 500For Adult Dogs
5.Dog Food – Munches – Pet en CareRs. 380For All dogs as Treat or Reward
6.Pedigree Adult Meat & RiceRs.572Ideal for all breeds including rottweiler, Pugs, Beagle to Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepard/GSD
7. Uc Pet Bone PressRs.255For all dogs
8.Uc Pet Bone TwistedRs.248For all dogs
9.Uc Pet Bone MunchiRs.400For all dogs
10.Drools Adult Food Chicken And EggRs.1120For all dog breeds
11.Himalayan Healthy Pet FoodRs.1290For all dog breeds puppies that are 4 months and above
12.Dog Biscuits Box Small charefull BiscuitsRs.475For All Dog breeds
13. Dog Chew StickRs.150For Adult dogs & aggressive chewers treat

Where to buy these dogs foods in Nepal?

You can find in any pet shops nearby, or you can buy them online in different online shopping sites like daraz, sastodeal, petstorenepal, etc. Make sure they deliver to your location & don’t forget to verify the food usage from the seller before buying. Some are used as daily food, some are used for treats & they can be also different for different breeds of dogs. So make sure you are buying the right food/treat for your adult dog/puppy.

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