Kalimati Vegetable price in Nepal – Tarkari Rates Today

Kalimati Vegetable price in Nepali Rupees (Tarkari Rates Today in Nepal): You can find latest, accurate & live data of kalimati tarkari bazar. The prices shown is minimum rate, Maximum Rate & average rate of the fruits, vegetables and Fish.

The official kalimati vegetable rates for Tuesday, 2021/09/14 is given in the table below.

CommodityUnitMin. Price in NepalMax. Price in NepalAvg. Price in Nepal
Tomato Big(Nepali)Kg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
Tomato Big(Indian)Kg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
Tomato Small(Local)Kg Rs.20 Rs.25 Rs.22.50
Tomato Small(Tunnel)Kg Rs.30 Rs.35 Rs.32.50
Potato RedKg Rs.48 Rs.50 Rs.49.00
Potato Red(Indian)Kg Rs.28 Rs.30 Rs.29.00
Potato Red(Mude)Kg Rs.45 Rs.48 Rs.46.50
Potato WhiteKg Rs.34 Rs.35 Rs.34.50
Onion Dry (Indian)Kg Rs.45 Rs.50 Rs.47.50
Carrot(Local)Kg Rs.140 Rs.150 Rs.145.00
Cabbage(Local)Kg Rs.40 Rs.50 Rs.45.00
Cauli LocalKg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
Raddish White(Local)Kg Rs.15 Rs.20 Rs.17.50
Raddish White(Hybrid)Kg Rs.15 Rs.20 Rs.17.50
Brinjal LongKg Rs.20 Rs.25 Rs.22.50
Brinjal RoundKg Rs.30 Rs.40 Rs.35.00
Cow pea(Long)Kg Rs.20 Rs.30 Rs.25.00
Cowpea(Short)Kg Rs.90 Rs.100 Rs.95.00
French Bean(Local)Kg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
French Bean(Hybrid)Kg Rs.50 Rs.90 Rs.70.00
Soyabean GreenKg Rs.60 Rs.70 Rs.65.00
Bitter GourdKg Rs.20 Rs.30 Rs.25.00
Bottle GourdKg Rs.15 Rs.20 Rs.17.50
Pointed Gourd(Local)Kg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
Pointed Gourd(Terai)Kg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
Snake GourdKg Rs.20 Rs.25 Rs.22.50
Smooth GourdKg Rs.15 Rs.20 Rs.17.50
Sponge GourdKg Rs.30 Rs.35 Rs.32.50
PumpkinKg Rs.35 Rs.40 Rs.37.50
Squash(Round)Kg Rs.20 Rs.30 Rs.25.00
OkaraKg Rs.25 Rs.30 Rs.27.50
ArumKg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
ChristophineKg Rs.30 Rs.35 Rs.32.50
Brd Leaf MustardKg Rs.60 Rs.70 Rs.65.00
Spinach LeafKg Rs.140 Rs.150 Rs.145.00
Mustard LeafKg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
Onion GreenKg Rs.100 Rs.110 Rs.105.00
Mushroom(Kanya)Kg Rs.200 Rs.220 Rs.210.00
Mushroom(Button)Kg Rs.380 Rs.400 Rs.390.00
AsparagusKg Rs.700 Rs.800 Rs.750.00
NeuroKg Rs.80 Rs.90 Rs.85.00
BrocauliKg Rs.130 Rs.150 Rs.140.00
SugarbeetKg Rs.130 Rs.140 Rs.135.00
DrumstickKg Rs.200 Rs.250 Rs.225.00
Red CabbbageKg Rs.220 Rs.250 Rs.235.00
LettuceKg Rs.250 Rs.300 Rs.275.00
CeleryKg Rs.280 Rs.300 Rs.290.00
ParseleyKg Rs.280 Rs.300 Rs.290.00
MintKg Rs.280 Rs.300 Rs.290.00
Turnip AKg Rs.80 Rs.90 Rs.85.00
TamarindKg Rs.140 Rs.150 Rs.145.00
Bamboo ShootKg Rs.90 Rs.100 Rs.95.00
TofuKg Rs.90 Rs.100 Rs.95.00
GundrukKg Rs.200 Rs.250 Rs.225.00
Apple(Fuji)Kg Rs.220 Rs.250 Rs.235.00
BananaDoz Rs.100 Rs.110 Rs.105.00
LimeKg Rs.120 Rs.130 Rs.125.00
PomegranateKg Rs.260 Rs.280 Rs.270.00
Mango(Maldah)Kg Rs.130 Rs.140 Rs.135.00
Mango(Dushari)Kg Rs.120 Rs.130 Rs.125.00
Mango(Chousa)Kg Rs.120 Rs.130 Rs.125.00
Water Melon(Green)Kg Rs.80 Rs.90 Rs.85.00
Sweet OrangeKg Rs.170 Rs.180 Rs.175.00
Pineapple1 Pc Rs.150 Rs.160 Rs.155.00
Cucumber(Local)Kg Rs.20 Rs.30 Rs.25.00
Cucumber(Hybrid)Kg Rs.10 Rs.15 Rs.12.50
Jack FruitKg Rs.30 Rs.40 Rs.35.00
Pear(Local)Kg Rs.50 Rs.60 Rs.55.00
Pear(Chinese)Kg Rs.220 Rs.250 Rs.235.00
Papaya(Indian)Kg Rs.90 Rs.100 Rs.95.00
GingerKg Rs.60 Rs.70 Rs.65.00
Chilli DryKg Rs.300 Rs.320 Rs.310.00
Chilli GreenKg Rs.70 Rs.80 Rs.75.00
Chilli Green(Bullet)Kg Rs.80 Rs.90 Rs.85.00
Chilli Green(Machhe)Kg Rs.60 Rs.70 Rs.65.00
Chilli Green(Akbare)Kg Rs.200 Rs.250 Rs.225.00
CapsicumKg Rs.90 Rs.100 Rs.95.00
Garlic GreenKg Rs.140 Rs.150 Rs.145.00
Coriander GreenKg Rs.150 Rs.200 Rs.175.00
Garlic Dry ChineseKg Rs.210 Rs.220 Rs.215.00
Garlic Dry NepaliKg Rs.160 Rs.180 Rs.170.00
Clive DryKg Rs.250 Rs.300 Rs.275.00
Clive GreenKg Rs.250 Rs.300 Rs.275.00
Fish Fresh(Rahu)Kg Rs.270 Rs.280 Rs.275.00
Fish Fresh(Bachuwa)Kg Rs.225 Rs.235 Rs.230.00
Fish Fresh(Chhadi)Kg Rs.200 Rs.220 Rs.210.00
Fish Fresh(Mungari)Kg Rs.250 Rs.260 Rs.255.00



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