Pomeranian Dog Price in Nepal | Know all before buying Poms Puppy

If you’re planning to buy a Pomeranian or Poms puppy / dog, one of your initial questions is likely to be, “What is the Pomeranian dog price in Nepal?”. Well, before buying Pomeranian or poms puppy you need to do your homework ahead of time. Let’s talk about the price first to check whether it comes in your budget or not. At first, you need to spend around 60,000 Nepalese rupees for original / highly quality pure breed. Then you should spend anywhere between Nrs 25,000 to Nrs 50,000 per year on food and other diet. Then you may need to spend on toys but and regular grooming is must for a Pomeranian. Although Pomeranian is considered as a healthy, sturdy little dog, if you got an unhealthy puppy you may need to spend more on vet & other medicines. Be prepared for everything before buying a cute and innocent puppy.

Price BreakdownPrice & other charges in Nepal
Pomeranian Dog / PuppyNrs 60,000
FoodNrs 25,000 to Nrs 50,000 (Per year)
Medical and other expensesDepends
Pomeranian Dog Price in Nepal - prices in nepal

Is temperature of Nepal is suitable for Pomeranian Dog?

This is the most important factor you should consider before buying any dog. In some hot places of Nepal like Madesh areas, Pomeranian can’t survive or feel uncomfortable. Pomeranians originated in Arctic climates and were bred to withstand cold weather with their thick hairs. So, you need temperature below 38 degrees Celsius or 101 degree Fahrenheit. Rise in 3 to 4 degree in temperature is difficult for this dog and may cause heat-related illness.

Where you can buy Pomeranian Dog in Nepal?

We really recommend adopting a dog from anywhere rather than buying a imported dog, but it’s totally up to you. You can’t buy this dog directly from a dog / puppy store in Nepal. You can contact any dog store and they will import the dog for you and may charge half payment in advance.

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