Pulse Oximeter Price in Nepal – With Other Details

Pulse Oximeter Price in Nepal - With Other Details

In this blog, we are going to see the pulse oximeter price in Nepal with other details. A pulse oximeter is an electronic device for measuring the oxygen saturation level in the blood easily and without any pain. It can measure oxygen saturation in the blood very accurately and rapidly and can even detect small changes. Pulse Oximeter is a small clip-like device that can attach to any body part, usually fingertips to get the readings. This device is often used in critical care rooms and hospital but due to covid-19 people started buying this device and use it personally at home. This device is so easy to operate that even non-technical peoples can use it very easily with very little guidance. The purpose of the pulse oximeter helps to know how well your heart is pumping oxygen in the body. It can be used for different kinds of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, anemia, heart patients, asthma, etc. It is also used by sports enthusiasts like mountain climbers, skiers, bikers or anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate.

A pulse oximeter generally comes with other features too. It can measure the blood oxygen levels, pulse rate, and perfusion index (pi )graph. Some has an alarm function for abnormal measurements and auto power off when not in use.

Pulse Oximeter Price in Nepal

Pulse oximeter price in Nepal is relatively high than in other countries due to import charges but it’s still cheap to buy for a middle-class family. The price may differ according to the quality of the device, we recommend you buying good quality and certified devices to get accurate results and long-term use with a warranty. The general purpose oximeter price in Nepal is around Rs.1500 to Rs.3000. The oximeter price in India is around INR1000 to INR3000. You can purchase this device from pharmacies that are near hospitals, online ecommerce portals like daraz, sastodeal, okdam, etc. and from amazon, flipkart, and other ecommerce sites. We will not provide any link to you but you can find many devices there and can choose one with best reviews.

There are different brand of oximeter to choose from, some of them are Microlife, ChoiceMMed, Dr Morepen, Jumper, Rossmax, etc.



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